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Welcome To Nanche Invest

NANCHE INVEST is a multi-diverse consulting firm and we play varied roles in the housing market. Our expert and professional advice on real estate market investment is the one that is best for you.We believe in delivering value to our customers by extracting valuable intelligence from day to day experience.

Invest in Property

Invest in Property at Nanche Invest

Buying property can be expensive and it can affect the overall rate of return. Here is a list of costs which are come with property investment…Stamp Duty, Conveyancing fees, Legal costs, Search fees and Pest and Building reports

We have 10 pointers for you before you start investing in property:

  1. It is simple than you think to invest in property.

  2. There is a guarantee rate of return in property.

  3. You have a complete control of investment.

  4. You will have stability.

  5. Investment Property is an easily understandable asset.

  6. You can save your tax.

  7. Your mortgage is paid off by your tenants.

  8. Property is predictable.

  9. You cannot lose money in recession.

  10. Property can help you make rich.

Invest in Group

When it comes to joint venture, majority of investors are sceptical after listening to horror stories which they’ve heard from their friends and families. To have a successful joint venture, it is very important for the partners to do a background research on each other. If it is a good deal which you might not be able to afford, a joint venture can be a good option. We encourage our clients to do joint venture partnerships as they’ve been very fruitful for us and can help you in accelerating your property portfolio. We will look out for good deals for you and your potential partners.

Finance and Mortgage

It is required to understand the finance aspect before getting used to the market conditions. There can be situations where there are not enough liquid assets. In a case if you are looking to have an upgrade on the current house or buying a new house. The route taken traditionally is banks and credit unions, but there are other ways to finance your mortgage to buy your property. Come and visit us to find out more…

About Us

All you Need to Know about NANCHE Invest

We at Nanche Invest can take off a lot of burden which will help you in focussing what matters the most to you. We have developed a faith with our clientele. We are incredibly flexible when it comes to accommodating their needs. Our agents have a very high degree of expertise and they are committed.

List of 6 Qualities of our Nanche Invest team:

  1. They have a capability to understanding your actual needs.

  2. Have a clear interest for the client.

  3. Great standing among our customers.

  4. Comprehensive and deep knowledge of the area in which sales are happening.

  5. Deep knowledge of the cost of the area.

  6. Committed to having a frank and a genuine dialogue of the market and customer’s situation.

Meet the team Our Team

Our professional and experienced team at Nanche Invest is motivated to achieve the best possible results whilst building a trusting relationship with the client.

Sachin Nanche

CEO | Licensed Estate Agent (OIEC)



Sachin is the CEO | Licensed Estate Agent (OIEC) of Nanche Group. Previously working as a Regional Sales Manager, Sachin has gathered considerable experience in the Real Estate & Construction Industry. With Nanche Group, Sachin has managed to uniquely combine his Real Estate & Construction know-how with his keen design eye and passion for customer service to lead this sophisticated Residential Real Estate & Construction company.

Binju Inamdar



Email: binju@nanchegroup.com.au

Binju finished his Bachelors of Law & Business Administration in 2016 from India. He then moved to Australia for Masters and has graduated from La Trobe University. His past experience and impressive qualifications match perfectly with his dynamic role in the company.

Aaron Bertalli

General Manager

Gabriel Chong

Regional Sales Manager

Seema Khichi

Senior Sales Consultant

Troy Van Trienen

Sales Director Valour Property Group.

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